A0 Large Format Scanning Service

large format scan and print Architectural Blueprints and plans A0 A1 A2

If you require large format scanning then you’ve come to the right place! Our large format scanner can provide you with a high quality digital file of up to A0 size (840mm x 1189mm). Although we’re not just limited to scanning large images, we can also scan A5, A4, A2, and A1 paper sizes.

The digital file is then available for you to use on the web, email, or socials but you can can also use it as a backup should your original be lost.

The most useful aspect of out large format scanning capabilities is our ability to reproduce these documents in their original size in high quality. If you have A0 size building plans we can scan them and print multiple copies for you to use. Architects often send just one physical print and that’s why we’ve had multiple customers request this service.

To take advantage of this service yourself just bring your architect’s drawing/plans, posters, artwork, or any other item into our store and we’ll take care of it while you wait where possible.

Please note that large format files can be quite large, if you want the digital file we can offer a download link from a file sharing service but for the quickest access we suggest brining a memory stick or other portable storage.

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