Free Print Templates

The print templates we provide below are free for you to use if you want to create your own artwork to print, or for your own personal use. This way you can be assured that all of the files you set up will be ready to print. If you have illustrator, indesign, coreldraw, or other pro level art software then you’ll find the PDF templates are perfect for your needs. Failing that we do have a selection of templates for MS word, though it should be noted that MS Word is not a professional grade printing package.

Using The Templates

The red line is where all the content of your print should go to ensure that nothing gets cut off during the finishing process.

The blue line represents the final size of your print once it has gone through trimming and finishing.

The dotted grey line represents where we will fold certain print items and how it will be segmented once folded.

This is know as the bleed, marked by a black line,and you should extend the background to the edge of this. We cut into this bleed to the blue line and that’s how you get edge to edge printing.

Multiple Pages or Sides

For documents that have multiple pages or side we simply suggest you use two of the same templates and label one file “front” and the other file “back”. If you have a sequence of pages that need to be printed in order, or if you are setting up a file for booklet printing, please just create pages in the way you wish to see them appear in the book and we will take care of the rest.

Sending the File

We have the ability to read .eps, .pdf, .ai, .in, .psd, .doc, and .docx. We don’t have the facility to read publisher files so we suggest you save those as .pdf files instead.


We can make minor alterations to your files to make them suitable for printing, if you’re stuck or you just can’t get it to look right then we can set the files up ready to print for a nominal setup fee. Alternatively if you would like something new and original designing you could always try our design service. We offer top quality designs are very affordable prices. We can design business cards for as little as £10, that then becomes your design and you’re free to do with it as you wish.

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