Everyone needs calendars but not everyone has a custom printed calendar. They're a great way to brighten up an office, to give as corporate gifts, or as a personal gift you could give to fiends and loved ones. All of our calendars are printed at top quality with your photos, company logo, contact details, messages, dates, or anything else you would like to customise it with.

Our custom calendars are only printed on quality paper with the great look and feel you expect. We also have a number of different formats and sizes available for you to choose from. There are basic A4 or A4 spiro bound calendars, little desk side calendars, or pyramid calendars that can stand independently on a desk, table, or worktop.

These personalised calendars are especially useful for schools, not only do they look great and share images of your school pupils or grounds but they can raise funds for your school. Either through direct sale to parents or via the use of advertisements on each page of the calendar. With the right levels of adverts you could even negate the cost of the printing itself and then make pure profit by selling them on. If you include class or year photos parents can get a great calendar with their child in it plus you can incorporate information they need to know. You can have general contact details so parents always have a handy reference plus we can print specific times and dates such as term times, teacher training days, or any other significant dates in the school year.

What ever you need a calendar for you can't beat the quality and utility of our personalised printed calendars.