The festive season draws ever near and it’s a good time to remind you that we offer fully custom wrapping paper printing. People always wonder how they can give their presents that extra edge, how they can spice them up and make them look fantastic, and this is one great way to do that. This is great if you are a company that gives corporate gifts to employees or clients or someone that likes to go that extra mile. They give your gifts that air of professionalism, it looks much nicer than wrapping it in whatever generic paper you happen to have laying around.
If you have artwork ready you’d like to use then just let us know, we’ll give it a once over and if suitable for print we can begin production as soon as you like. Alternatively if you don’t have a design, or any kind of internal design team to use, then you can take advice of our in house design team. Our team have decades of experience in design so we can help you get the most out of your printing. We can take any ideas you have, no matter how complete or vague, and turn them into a design you’ll be very happy with.
The only real downside of our custom wrapping paper printing is that it’s more worth while it when you buy in bulk, so it benefits corporate buyers and those who want to wrap a lot of gifts in the same paper. It’s also a great opportunity for resellers, if you own a physical or online shop then some custom wrapping paper could be a great addition. If you’re a designer or an artist this is another great way to sell your artwork to your fans, it’s a lovely festive addition to your merchandise. So while it may not be fiscally viable to get a single sheet of wrapping paper printed, when you buy in bulk it’s very economically priced.
To find out more about our custom wrapping paper printing, or to place an order, call us today on 01924 261 154 or send an email to

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