To catalogue every printing service we can provide will take a very long time, but today I’m highlighting our permanent waterproof labels. These fully custom stickers are a popular choice with people who provide products that obviously may get a little bit wet. Sometimes this can be simple, products may be put outside a shop or be expected to be used outdoors. In this case a waterproof label is vital to the continued life of the product. In other situations spillage of beverages or the condensation from a bottle may be the cause for waterproof labels. We’ve even provided labels for companies that provide products for the bathroom.

We can produce thousands of waterproof stickers for larger companies but we also offer much shorter runs. That means if you run a small business or etsy shop you can get custom labels for your bespoke products at a reasonable price. You might sell craft beer, bottles, soaps, candles, or any other number of items that would benefit greatly from these sorts of labels. We also provide them in three different shapes as standard to further help personalise those stickers so we can make them exactly as you want them. We offer the waterproof labels on oval, plaque, and scallop shapes.

If you already have you label artwork and are just looking for a printer then we are more than happy to help, we’d love to take your designs and make them a reality. Alternatively we do have an in house design team with many years of experience designing for the print trade. They are familiar with all the print processes and as such are in the perfect position to create a design that best takes advantage of the format.

To find our more about our custom waterproof label printing, or to place an order, call today on 01924 261 154.

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