A vital part of many a production that’s often overlooked are the printed play programmes. No matter how good your talented actors, producers, directors, and other members of the production are the first thing people see when they walk in and sit down are your programmes. You can’t afford them look rough because what does that say about your production as a whole? What precedent does that set for the night to follow? Perhaps much worse than that is in many cases the programmes will be held onto as a lasting memento of the performance.

Not to fret we have a great setup for creating programmes, banners, reserved seating signs, flyers, posters, and anything else your production might need. we love working with theatre groups that have a true passion for what they do and want to put their best foot forward. As this is something we do quite often we can advise on certain layout options, or even use  a template we’ve got prepared and that we can just put your information into. It’s really quite quick and easy.

You may have budgetary concerns but please don’t, we have plans and prices to suit all kinds of budgets. We’ve worked for every type of production group from the likes of Andrew Lloyd Webber to local secondary school productions. Programmes are easily one of the most affordably types of printing we offer. We can add information about the play, or any other type of production, and then add purely advertisement pages. This way if you get advertisers the programmes can almost pay for themselves. Alternatively if you go for some of our really nice programmes you could always charge a little bit extra on that ticket price for them. Thus recouping the cost of the programmes.

If you’re about to set up a production you really can’t afford to miss out on our high quality, low cost printing. To find out more, or to place an order, please use our contact form by clicking here or alternatively get in touch directly on 01924 261 154 or over e-mail at info@aceprint.org.uk.

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