prod-o-_0001_wrapFor many presents you spend time carefully picking out the gift and then wrap it in whatever paper you can find. That’s a bad call. If you’re going to the effort to pick out an amazing present you should get some amazing wrapping paper to go with it. That’s why we offer completely custom printed wrapping paper with photos, a name, and age, or other message.

For a birthday our wrapping paper makes complete sense, especially if it’s for one of the significant landmark numbers. If it’s the twenty-first birthday of someone you know what better way to celebrate and make them feel special? We can add a number of messages, predominantly we use Happy Birthday with the recipient’s name and age. Some of our designs also have room to put photographs. Use a modern trendy photo from facebook or instagram or you could grab an early pic and really embarrasses them. Imagine it, you can watch in glee as you relative or friend opens the gift covered in wrapping paper that has a very embarrassing picture of them age four or five.

The custom wrapping paper we provide has a great opportunity for comedy during a special day but it can also make a really classy gift. We use higher quality paper than most retail outlet and can provide you with very classy designs that are both subtle and elegant whilst still taking advantage of our personalisation. We normally create wrapping paper for things like weddings with a standard message of congratulations followed by the happy couple’s names. There’s a selection of styles to choose from, you can see but a few on our wrapping paper page, so please take a look and get a feel for what we offer. If you don’t see any you like we can provide custom design service for you at a very reasonable price.

It costs nothing to ask us for a quote so no matter what your preconceptions are please get in touch with your ideas and let’s have a conversation. Getting in touch couldn’t be simpler. You can use the form on our contact page, drop an e-mail to, or call 01924 261 154.

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