bc-blog-postHere at Ace Print we offer a wide range of lamination and finishing options. When most people think of lamination what they actually think about is encapsulation, the hard plastic coated with the clear edges around the sides, true lamination is much subtler and far more effective. True print lamination merely coated the surface of your print in a thin layer of light material that changes both the look and feel of your print. It also helps by adding an extra layer of protection to the cards so that your printing can last as long as possible.

Glass lamination is perhaps the most popular of the lamination options. This high gloss finish will reflect natural light in a way that’s very pleasing to look at making it ideal for posters and photos. It’s also a great finish to use on flyers, the covers of booklets, or greetings cards. It’s that one extra step that really makes your print shine.

Matt lamination has a really nice look to it with the matt finish giving it a classy and sophisticated look. Matt lamination also feels very nice, when combined with the look of the finish it is perfect for restaurant menus or business cards.

Soft touch lamination is the third form of lamination we offer and it’s by far our favourite. It has that forever classic look of matt lamination with an added luxurious soft feel that really has to be felt to be believed. It’s particularly nice when used on things that will be handled a lot, like booklet covers, or when you want to make a good impressions. Handing over a business card with sort touch lamination means you’ll give them something that not only looks good but feels good.

So if you need any printing with the great look and feel that the various types of lamination can offer than please contact us today and let us know how we can help you.

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