Most business card printing has a standard size, in the UK the standard size of business cards is 85mm by 55mm. The is a great size for business cards and it’s the size you’ll want if you’re going to use card holders or boxes for storage. That’s the advantaged of a universal standard for the size. Everything you get will fit and work together nicely.

This is all well and good but we do know that some people don’t want to adhere to the norm, they want their cards to be unique and that’s great. At Ace Print we can print business cards at all sorts of sizes but we have adopted specifically two small sizes that we can still produce with the great level of high quality print, using the best materials and still maintaining the low price you expect to pay when you order business cards from us.

One size we offer is the ultra slim 85mm by 25mm cards that can look truly unique and dynamic when coupled with great design and print. These cards are strikingly different from the unusual size meaning they’re more likely to stand out when compared to a competitor’s card. This layout is also incredibly useful from a design perspective if you have a logo that’s a lot wider than it is tall. This way you can have a logo on one side that fills the majority of the card without the usual blank spaces you would see above and below it.

The other size we’ve adopted for business card printing is a square 55mm by 55mm card. Square cards are neat and compact, which really starts to look truly inspired when coupled with a great design. The uniformity of a square business card just feels right and leaves a memorable impression in the minds of those who receive them. This is only heightened when compared to your competitor’s odd sized cards. The square is also an excellent choice if you logo is a circle, diamond, square, or any shape that fills an even space.

No matter which type of business card you go for they will stand out and be remembered. Really that’s the most important thing about a business card, ensuring someone sees it, remembers it, and keeps it rather than throwing it away.

To find out more about our smaller business cards please get contact us today by phone or email. We’re ready to help you get the best business card printing you can find.

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