POSTERS-HOMEIf you own a light box then you need graphics for it, but more than that you need graphics that take advantage of the illumination it produces. That’s why we supply a special line of printed polypropylene, this is a material specifically design to take advantage of a backlit surface to make your graphics pop. Standard paper posters let in too much light leaving colours washed out and ineffective while while other PVC formats simply block out far too much of the light to be useful.

Why go to the trouble or purchasing a great light box to display your POS only to dampen the effect with substandard printing? The material selection is merely one part of the print process that ensures you have the best looking graphics for your light box. The other is the quality of the print, the clarity of the image and the pureness of the colour used to bring your artwork to life. Here at Ace Print we pride ourselves on quality assured so that you can be sure you’ll always get the best print possible.

While not as easily scaleable as paper printing we still offer great discounts on the light box polypropylenes prints to ensure that you always get the best value for your money. Whether you need a single, one-off light box poster or a few dozen we can help provide you with the print you need. What’s even better is that we can supply these posters in a vast assortment of sizes. Whether you have a small A4 poster frame or a large backlit external light box we’ll have something for you.

To find out more about our light box poster printing please contact us today suing any of the details on this page.

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