Many business and associations like to use Loyalty cards as a way to encourage repeat business and here at Ace Print we’ve been providing these for consumer oriented businesses for many years. Most of the time these are little business cards with the company and loyalty scheme details on one side and a place to mark progress on the other. This can be as simple as how many cups of coffee the customer has ordered or as complicated as marking down specific purchases. The number of orders method also goes very well with our custom made stamps so you could ensure there’s no tampering or cheating.

The number of print options we provide are incredibly varied so no matter the type of loyalty card you need we should be able to provide it. There are a large number of paper options for you to choose from, this includes everything from basic silk or uncoated papers all the way to more specialist papers that we’d be more than happy to show you examples of in store.

The paper types aren’t the only way we can customise your loyalty card print, we also offer of number of finishing options that can really make your cards stand out. We can offer a spot UV varnish finish that essentially laminates a particular image, like a logo or photo, that gives it a high quality gloss finish. Another special type of print finishing we can use on your loyalty cards is either silver or gold foiling. This metallic look really adds a whole new dimension to your print to create a real luxury product.

Business Card size may be our default for loyalty cards but it’s by no means the only option you have. We can create square loyalty cards, thin ones, folded ones, or even completely custom sized cards. The choice is yours and it’s what you get when you come to a printer that offers a full range of print services.

To find out more about our loyalty cards, or to have yours printed, please contact us today using any of the details on this page.

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