If you run a restaurant, a chippy, a takeaway, or any other kind of eatery then you need to display your menu options in a large format that still looks good and can easily be replaced if the situation calls for it. We offer a broad range of menu printing services in the large format space so whatever it is you may need we’ll be more than happy to provide it for you.

One question that comes up is a matter of materials. What should you menu be made of? Some people choose a fixed, permanent sign, but that leaves you little room to change it in the future. A good method is to use poster frames so that you can swap paper posters easily and efficiently. It has an upfront cost associated with purchasing the poster frames but in the long term it gives you a quick and effective method for changing your signage if and when you need to. We have top quality poster printing so it also gives you a great looking large format menu every time.

Another alternative is that we provide large format printing on a sort of flexible PVC. This is a hardwearing substance that would make an excellence choice for your poster. It’s far more reasonably priced than other rigid plastic or sheet metal materials so it makes it a good option for menus you may wish to replace.

What you need from a large format menu is clear text that can be seen from a distance whilst also looking appealing and keeping in theme with your logo or brand. That’s why you should consider taking advantage of our full design service. We have decades of design experience that we can use to help make your menu look the best it can. If you want to do your own design then we can use that as long as you follow our artwork guidelines.

No matter what option you choose, or if you have a different idea, we can help create precisely the menu you want. To find out more about our large format menu printing, or to place and order, contact us using any of the details on our page.

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