The large format printing we provide can be very useful if you need to have large maps for display purposes. These are useful for guiding visitors at your facilities, store, warehouses, grounds, or any other large area that people may have trouble navigating. Maps are always useful to help make sure people don’t feel lost so we’re glad to be able to provide them with a high level of print quality at an affordable price and on a number of different materials.
Simple paper posters can be printed that provide a very cheap form of guide for your customers, visitors, or employees. These can be pinned to notice boards or attached straight to walls as desired. There’s also the option to affix them more permanently and securely inside a poster frame or an a-frame that provides a modicum protection.
Another print material we can offer is a white of matt white PVC that can be fully printed with any graphics you choose. This PVC is a more hard wearing substrate for long term maps but it also has the advantage of being weatherproof. This means they are an excellent choice for an outdoor poster whether in a frame or not. Another option for a large scale map you need to hang could be as a PVC banner. We can even print on a material that’s perfect for back lighting making it a great option if you have a light box.
If you have the artwork for you map already in hand we can print that for your right away but alternatively we’re more than happy to create a design for you. We have an excellent design team with decades of combined experience that can expertly craft beautiful maps to your exact specifications.
To find out more about out custom large map printing, or to place an order, please contact us today using any of the details on this page.

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