Hairdressers offer an extensive number of products and services so a printed price list is a must have. It gives your customers time to prepare, to decide what they want either while at home or waiting to be seen by one of your employees. They can also be used to inform regular customers about services you provide other than the ones they normally get. A customer flicking through your price list might see something interesting and decided to get new treatments they hadn’t considered before or maybe just didn’t even know you provided. Though aside from encouraging existing customer to broaden their horizons they can also be used to attract new customers. Wether your customers hand them to their friends to spread the message by word of mouth, or you decided to utilise them in a leafletting campaign, the extra bonus publicity can only help.
If you already have artwork for your price list printing we can use it if it meets our print requirements, alternatively we have a design team with decades of combined experience that can create a design for you. They can take full advantage of any design elements your already have, like logos and colours, and use these elements to craft a design consistent with your business. If you don’t have anything like that we can create a new design and even come up with a logo for your business if you wish. The advantage with our design team is that we have experience not only in design but in print so we can always get the best results. Creating a design that works well when printed is a unique skill as far too many designers work only on screens.
At Ace Print we pride ourselves on bing fully bespoke printers which is why we offer a great number of options for the finishing of your hairdressing price lists. We offer a number of paper sizes for you to choose from, from standards like A4 and A5 to any custom size you can think of. In addition to this we offer a number of paper types for you to choose, from thicker card stocks to thinner paper stock we’ll have something to fit what you need. As additional finishing options we can laminate your price lists in matt, gloss, or soft touch. Then there are the numerous folding options you can choose from like a single half fold, a C fold, a Z fold, or even a cross fold.
If you would like to find out more about our price list printing for hairdressers, or if you would like to place an order, please contact us today using any of the details on this page.

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