If you’ve been an Ace Print for a while you’ll know we offer a variety of printed products including booklets, but what some people don’t know is that along with the stabled and perfect bound booklets we also offer wiro bound booklet printing. This is a great option that offers you a sturdier bound book than the staple bound and yet is much more cost effective and enables shorter runs than the perfect bound booklets.

It’s not just about finding a solution that’s cheaper than perfect binding or one that can handle more pages and thicker stocks then a simple stapled booklet. The wiro bound booklets have their own unique uses and features that might make them perfect for your job. It all depends entirely on the use case.

There are many situations where the ability to completely fold a booklet in half is advantageous. It’s the main advantage of wirobound books as doing the same with either a stapled or perfect bound booklet would irrevocably damage the item. This makes them a perfect fit for any kind of instructional or directional document as the natural inclination a person has is to completely fold the booklet in half so they can focus on the information they want and need.

If you have a particular use in mind for your printed wiro books and you’re worried we might not be able to do them please don’t hesitate to talks to us about it. We offer a vast number of options and finished on the books so I’m sure we can accommodate. All sorts of sizes are on offer including the usual A6, A5, and A4 but we can also offer other different sizes like the long thin DL size or square booklets. Even if we don’t have a preset size for you to choose from you can always inquire about our fully bespoke print service so you can get a book the exact size you want.

In addition to size option on the wiro bound booklets we can offer several other options. From the number of inside pages to the paper weight and types. There’s even the option to have the covers printed on a different paper stock with the choice of matt or gloss lamination. If you need anything beyond these options then simply ask and we’ll do our best to help you, we have decades of print experience that we can leverage to supply you with the print you need at a low cost affordable price.

To find out more about our wiro bound booklets, or to place an order, please call us today on 01924 261 154.

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