Business cards are in many ways the first time a potential customer or business contract gets an impress about your company, so you might want to consider out spot uv business card printing. You need high quality business cards, if you have poor cards they’ll inevitably think poorly about you and your business, it’s that small details that help to build an impression of the business. So it you really want to wow the people you hand these cards to then the best way is to give your cards that little something extra special. You can do that with spot uv.

But what is spot uv printing and how does it make your business cards stand out? It’s simple really, spot uv is also sometimes known as spot varnish is the process of making an element of a design glossy and reflective while leaving the rest of the design with a matt finish. This can really make specifically elements pop, like you’re logo or specific design elements. One of the best applications is when you have a card with a single colour, for example if you have an all black card rather than having a colour logo you can just use spot uv. That way the whole card is black but you have a glossy, reflective logo. It’s really does look very striking.

When is comes to designs for Spot UV Business Cards we have an in-house design team with years of experience, they know how to use spot uv in just the right way to be effect without being overbearing. Just give us a call and let them know what you want and they’ll put a design together for you. Alternatively if you have your own artwork we’re more than happy to print from that if needed.

To find out more about our custom printed spot uv business cards, or if you’d like to place an order, call us today on 01924 261 154.

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