Firstly we’d like to assure you all we’re still open and able to print with the vast majority of our services available. If you’re concerned about social distancing and ordering print from we already have that in mind. Firstly we’re able to take orders over the phone or by email, if there’s something you wish to discuss in person then rest assured that there is ample space behind the counter for us to stay a safe distance, our counter opens directly into the workspace so we have even more than the currently advised two meter distance. As for the print itself we have have it delivered, reducing the amount of people you see, or you can collect it. We have a set of double doors leading into the print shop and we’ll leave your print between those doors if you let us know when you’re coming to collect. That way we can remain safe and you can still get the print you need.

With that in mind, and hopefully with your minds at ease, there are things you might need in the coming weeks to help you in these strange times. Firstly there are social distancing and covid-19 policy posters, these are a great way to instantly let people know exactly what your policies are and how they should act. If you have employees coming back to work after time being furloughed then this is a great way to help remind them what they should be doing. Similarly with shops and more businesses opening up next week then having some custom covid-19 and social distancing posters printed is a great way to let customer know what they need to do and what you’re doing to keep them safe.

Other than letting people know about your policies it’s good to let people know that you’re open again. There are a variety of print options to support you in this and help you get the word out that you’re open again. We do offer flyer and leaflet printing, which is one way to spread the word, but there are other options available that you might not be aware we provide. We can print large format pvc banners for you to display and let everyone know that you’re open again. They’re an extremely hard wearing and very affordable option. Along with banners we can also provide A-frames, flags, bollard covers, magnetic signs, window vinyl stickers, window clings, and large cardboard strut signs.

That’s just a small sample of thing we can produce, whatever print you need to get covid-19 we’ll be able to provide it quickly, affordably, and safely. To find out more or place an order call is today on 01924 261 154 or send an email to

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