Notepads are needed in a wide variety of jobs, tasks, and circumstances but why settle for a bland, generic, everyday notepad when we can print you a branded one instead. What better way to reinforce your corporate identity? What better way to get some free advertising while out on a job/ What better way to look more professional? More successful?

To personalise these notepads we can create a cover and a back that can have any type of design you like on it. Anything from just a centered logo on a white background to a more elaborate full colour design. The cover and back are blank slates ready to embrace your corporate identity. Either you can design this yourself or we are more than happy to create something for you that stays within your brand but looks utterly unique.

Not only are the covers of these pads custom made with your logo and design but every single part of it is. That’s the great thing about getting custom printed notepads. We design and print every page in house meaning you can be as granular as you like with your requirements.

Firstly the inside pages. Many people like blank notepads, others prefer lines or even dots. What we can do is provide them to you either lined, unlined, or a combination of both. We can even water mark the pages and add your company name, logo, or other information to the header or footer. Some people like to have page numbers on their pads to help keep track of information or had tabs that split it into sections. The options are only limited by your imagination.

We can also include pre-printed pages in the notepads. These can have vital information to your business or other more general information you think people might need. We could add price lists, brief product descriptions, a check list, a map, unit conversations, table rates, a schedule, or really anything you can think off can be added in any part of the printed pad.

Then we have binding options available to you. Wiro binding, comb binding, or a more traditional book style binding. The choice is entirely yours.

To find out more about our completely customisable and bespoke printed notepads just get in touch by e-mail at or by phone on 01924 261 154.

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