FOLDERS-2Folders are a good way to present a few loose pages in a nice, more professional manner. There’s also that nasty problem that occurs frequently when you’re given a piece of paper for something or other and have no where to put it. Even if it can go in a briefcase or a bag there’s no guarantee what sort of shape it’ll be in after a lengthy journey.

To settle your panicked heart we can provide you with a variety of high quality affordable printed folders. They’re printed on premium board and we can laminate them for you to give the ultimate luxury finish. We provide them to most of our customers in both an over sized A4 or A5 format to hold a dozen sheets or so but we can create folders to almost any size. We understand that your printing is not a one size fits all sort of business and we pride ourselves on providing you with exactly what you want.

To the folders we can add a number of other extras, like a pocket or slot to hold a business card, cd, or usb stick. Add that to the fine full colour print available on both sides, or just one, and they become a really nice part of your marketing arsenal.

To find out more about our printed presentation folders, or about anything else, please visit our folders page or get in touch right now by phone on 01924 261 154 or e-mail at

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