You may want to design your own print, I know that feeling all too well, and while I strongly advise you take advantage of our professional design service we have provided something to make your life much easier.

I’m talking about our basic templates.

For most things you don’t really need a template, yes I;m immediately undermining my own point but please stick with me. Letterheads for example don’t take much specialist formatting to work and we are more than happy to do a little tweaking on our end. Yet there are some areas of print you may wish to design your self that have a more complicated print and finish.

Most notably on the template page is the programmes template. A great way to produces some quick sport or theatre programmes that are very low cost and help you raise funds. Though the most useful ones to the vast majority of people reading this posts will be the various fold templates.

Setting up a print job for a tri-fold leaflet and be a difficult process and there are a lot of elements most people miss through a lack of knowledge about the subject. The templates we provide give you clear spacing to let you know where to place your content so it won’t get cut off by the trimming process or obscured by the folding process.

I encourage you to download the templates, they’re a great place to start and completely free to use. We’ll also be adding more as time goes on so please check back later for updates.

For more information, or to place an order, please feel to to get in touch by e-mail at or by phone on 01924 261 154.

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