calendars_pageIt’s that time of year again when you might start thinking about the future of your school, of what you can do to help bring it more success. There are a number of options open to you, I mean who doesn’t love a bake sale? Yet if you want to provide something that’s actually incredibly useful to your staff, your pupils, and their parents whilst also raising money then custom printed calendars are the way to go.

Think about it, we can print your calendars for you from as low as £3.25 each. Adding a reasonable markup when selling them on to the parent of your pupils can easily raise a sizeable sum for your school. Even better you could alway seek out local advertisers to display inside the calendar to cover your printing costs. That way more of the money from each sale goes goes towards funding your school.

Not only do they raise money but they’re a great way to keep the parents and teachers informed. We can highlight term dates and teacher training days, make out special school events, and have full contact information for the school so it’s always to hand.

The calendars also look great and we can design them anyway you like. Predominantly we make wall calendars with the month on the bottom of the page and some sort of image at the top. Each month could have a selection of students, a particular class, a full year, a selection of more artistic shots of the grounds and school, or you could have the students create some works of art and display one piece each month. If you felt like having a little fun you could even have some pupils to create little scenes for each month in a living diorama.

The custom printed calendars can be purely utilitarian but they can also make a nice reminder in future years if you take advantage of that. If each month has a class of pupils on it what parent wouldn’t want to snap that up as a momento?

To place an order, or find out more about our custom printed school calendars, please send an e-mail to or get in touch by phone on 01924 261 154.

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