post-boxWe’ve printed a great many flyers of the years for companies large and small in many different style. Often the customers take them away for distribution but sometimes they come to us. While we won’t stand in the street handing them out we do offer a mailing service. This is a great option as it means we handle all aspects of the flyer, from design to distribution. It takes away one more problem making your life that much easier.

The design part of the process remains the same. Let us know what you want, give as much or as little detail as you wish, and then we’ll create a design for your approval. These are all printed both sides as usually you have the address details on one side and the main bulk of the flyer on the other. For that reason it’s just as easy, and cost just as much, to take advantage of the spare space on the address side.

The printing as you expect is top quality at a very affordable price. Just like all of the print here at Ace Print we have a number of print options available, the only limiting factor is the paper type and thickness. Due to the postage part of the process there are materials that are too thin or too thick. The last thing you want is to have your beautifully printed flyers rejected by the post office. Lucky for you we know the ins and outs of the postage process so we can guide you through some good options and advise you which is best for posting.

Really the best part of this process is how the names and addresses work. All we need is a table of information, such as the type you would create on excel, that has the names and address information of your customers. We then use a bit of technical wizardry and at the same time as we print your flyers we print the names and addresses. You get a nice complete print created in a single uniform way. This is much better than many other alternative, such s creating addresses labels yourself and sticking them on. It’s also during this process that we print the printing and get it ready for postage. All that happens then is we send them out and the get delivered by first class post to the addresses we were given.

It’s that easy. All you have to do is tell us what you want, confirm the design, and then provide a list of customer details.

To find out more please use our details to the left and get in touch today!

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