Everybody has business cards, they’re a common part of your networking arsenal. As a result it can be hard to make your regular printed business cards stand out amongst many others. Luckily we offer a very unique way to make your business memorable, laser cutting.

You may have seen laser cut wedding invitations before but the laser cut business cards are an excellent way to take advantage of new technology to help make your business cards into something people won’t have seen before. Most business cards are simply unremarkable, so they’ll be thrown aside and forgotten, but when you go that extra mile with your print people tend to take notice. They might even keep it around to show others. That’s the advantage of creating something new and interesting, it continues to exist beyond your first interaction and as such remains a constant reminder of both you as a person and your business.

The real advantage with having your business cards laser cut is that you can combine with with our standard high quality printing to create a vast number of completely different designs. You can have your cards be an odd shape like a balloon, a cloud, an animal, or a tool. Something that really gets across what your business is. From a more stylised point of view we could cut out the shape of your logo to quite a nice effect or even do some cuts purely so they look visually stunning.

Aside from the basic design elements cuts there are other things you can do to make the card extremely memorable. You could have your card cut with a pattern in the background, in the shape of a paper airplane, as a blueprint for something that can be assembled, or we can even just perforate the card to make a section of it tearable.

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to laser cutting business cards with the only real limit being you imagination. Whether you want to enhance a more standard business card or create something really extravagant we can help. Please contact us today with your ideas and together we can create truly great business cards.

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