Have you ever seen or wanted printing with a silvery finish? I don’t just mean a grey colour but a metallic with the look of a bright foil?

Metallic colours are notoriously tricky to produce in print. Just laying down colour isn’t enough, most metallic colours have some degree of actual metal to them to give them the appropriate reflective shine. Metallic colour printing is always an option and it does look very nice in a wide variety of prints. Yet there is another option that looks incredibly nice on high quality prints like business cards and invitations. I’m talking about hot foil blocking.

This may mean nothing to you, or it may mean everything, so please let me explain how this differs from traditional metallic print. With the hot foil blocking it’s not just a metallic look to ink, it’s an actual foil like material that is applied after the initial print process. This foil is highly reflective and as such gives a strong metal finish to whatever you use it on.

The reason this hot foil blocking looks so good on prints is because it’s an actual metal substance that’s applied to the print. It’s extremely thin. so you won’t feel a different from standard printing, but you get the added bonus of a shine only true metal can bring. You may think there are limitations with this but they’re really aren’t. We can foil block almost any shape or design.

If you’re unsure whether your design is appropriate for foil blocking all you need to do is send it to us. We’ll have a quick look at it and get back to you with advice about your print. Alternatively you could always take advantage of our design service, that way you have a team of designers with decades of experience ready to help you get the best out of your foil blocking.

To find out more about our foil blocking options, or to place an order, you can call on 01924 261 154 or email info@aceprint.org.uk.

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