For presentations you need to make your documents stand out and there aren’t many better ways than using one our beautifully printed die-cut and glued presentation folders. You may have seen cheap, blank folders you can buy at any store but realistically they don’t have the right impact. When you get a custom printed folder it says so much more about your and your business.

Not only do our folders come fully printed both inside and out but they are on top quality card stock with the choice of matt or gloss lamination. This level of quality in construction is itself a worthwhile investment. The folders are also available in two sizes, we have both an A4 option and an A5 option. This way whether you want something nice and compact or something a little more in depth we have a print option for you.

If you already have artwork created for your glued folders just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to print from that. Alternatively you can take advantage of our dedicated design team who can use their years of experience to create and elegant yet impactful design based on your logo or branding.

Attention to detail is a point a pride and that’s why our glued folders also come with special cutouts allowing you to embed a business card if you so choose. This not only gives your customers something they can take out and keep with them but also offers the opportunity to make each folder unique for each member of your staff. If you order a large number of folders to share out amongst your employees each employee can then insert one of their personal business cards to make the folders unique for them.

To find out more about our glued folder printing or to place an order please give us a call today.

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