With the new school year beginning there’s no better time to get your custom printed school calendars. They are a fantastic item to give to parents that will act as cherished memento but also serve a practical purpose. They can also have the added benefit of raising  money for your school when you sell them to parents with a healthy markup.

The reason parents will want these calendars, and the reason you should be interested, is that we provide a completely custom printing services at incredibly competitive prices. That means that the calendar is created to your exact specifications. We can include any colours or images you like to help tie them into your schools identity. Many schools like to use the calendars as an opportunity to showcase student artwork or to include photos of students and teachers. This only helps to make the calendars more personal to you school, faculty, and students.

It’s not just the images you can personalise on the printed calendars, we can change every aspect of it to fit your school’s needs. That includes the layout, orientation, paper types, finishes, whatever you need. We’ll incorporate your school logo or badge so that it’s an integral part of the design and we can add contact details for your school to the header or footer of the design so that parents will always know how to keep in touch. A lot of schools like to include the terms dates along with other significant events like teacher training days, sports days, plays, or other regularly schedules activities. Even those ideas are merely suggestions and if you have another idea in mind we’d be more than happy to incorporate it into the design.

With our experienced designers and a printing pedigree that goes back decades you know you’re in safe hands when you place your order of custom printed calendars. All of our printing is quality while remaining affordable and we can satisfy both small and large quantities. So if you want a few hundred to sell to parents or if you just want a dozen to hand out to faculty we have a competitive price that should suit your needs.

To find our more about our school calendar printing, or to place an order, please contact us today on 01924 261 154 or drop and email to info@aceprint.org.uk.

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