The modern bakery requires a lot of printed items, it can be a real struggle to get everything you need when you need it. It can lead people to rush and print using blank white sheets, standard fonts, and plain black text. Why settle for basic copier paper printing when we can provide high quality prints for very affordable prices? Cost is always an important concern but another good reason you should get your print from us is that it is easy and effortless. We know you don’t have a lot of time that why you can simply send your information to us, we’ll send you a proof by email, then you confirm it or request changes. It’s just that easy.
You may be wondering what type of print we can provide and the truth is we offer an almost endless supply of print products from the standard to the bespoke.
Menu printing is something we’re very accustomed to in all types so whether you want a vast array of bread types or you sell sandwiches and cakes, you won’t go wrong with our menus. We can offer them as basic A5 flyers or there are a number of fold options to choose from if you have a lot of information. There are simple half folds or you can have gate folds, cross folds, c folds or z folds.
If you want to take orders in advance then a very useful bit of printing are custom order forms. This makes it incredibly easy to take down information from a customer that you can prepare and have ready at a later date. The best part is the the forms are made for you and your company so all the fields have precisely the information you need. We can provide numbering and perforation on these order forms if you like and that lets customers take a ticket stub with a number on it that matches their order. Better yet we could provide these as NCR pads, this means when when an order is written out you automatically create a duplicate so both you and the customer can have a copy. If you need more copies then rest assured we can offer them as 2, 3, or 4 part NCR.
Posters are another print product we provide bakeries on a regular basis. They’re a good way to advertise products in your shop in a visually appealing way. If you have a limited time special offer posters are useful at getting that information across, they can also share details with customers of new products or existing products you’d like to highlight. Though posters are especially useful around holidays, they can let customers know opening times for specific days or let them know about holiday specific baked goods like mince pies and hot cross buns.
Another idea that’s quite popular amongst bakeries, cafes, and bars are loyalty cards. With an area for stamps or stickers on one side and your branding on another it encourages your customers to return to your store and remain loyal.
If you need print for you bakery then please contact us today on 01924 261 154.

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