The end of the year is fast approaching and one thing people usually leave until the last minute is getting new calendars printed. Why not stay ahead of the game and order your calendars nice and early for next year? Come December most companies get pretty busy as they rush around to finish off work before the holidays, ordering the calendars in advance gives you one less thing to worry about. It’s also important to remember that we also take time off for the holidays and while we’ll always endeavour to get print to you as fast as possible the best way to guarantee getting your folders in time for the new year is to order them nice and early.

Printed calendars are always a nice thing to have and leaving them too late might cause you to forget the idea entirely and that would be a shame. Personalised calendars custom made for your business can add a nice little touch to the workplace. The help create a cohesive corporate branding and remain incredibly useful for your employees. We can make them even more useful by adding custom holidays or other special event pre-marked in the calendar. If you close on certain holidays, if you issue quarterly reports, have monthly employee evaluations, or have any other regularly scheduled events then it saves everyone time and effort by having those printed in the calendar.

As a marketing or promotional tool calendars can also be an invaluable weapon in your arsenal. They can be a great gift to give to your customers or suppliers to help build some good will. Not only will this help you ingratiate your company with your customers but they can act as great little marketing opportunities throughout the year. Placing your contact details, your logo, and any specific dates relevant to your field can have an impact. It’s even better if you can couple it with monthly images that look great but are in some way related to your business.

While good for businesses the printed calendars make even more sense for schools. As school have a lot of breaks and teacher training days as well as other school events like sports days a custom calendar becomes incredibly useful. There’s also the opportunity to use class photos, or feature artwork made by the pupils, on the monthly images to encourage parents to buy them. This way the calendars are great little mementos that can be treasured as well as the practical items they already are.

Along with businesses and organisations personalised printed calendars make great personal gifts at Christmas. What parent or grand parents wouldn’t love a calendar lovingly personalised with heart warming messages and monthly photos of their children or grand children.

To find out more about our custom calendar printing, or to place an order, contact us today by phone on 01924 261 194

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