Restaurants and Cafes opening at Christmas usually have special menus, whether you’re only opening for Christmas Eve and Boxing day you might want to provide a specific menu for the vent for which you’ll need print. Too many people few specific holiday menus as disposable and so settle for sub standard home printed menus and they rarely look professional or to a standard that you want reflecting you’re business. Care in the menu printing instils a level of trust in your customers that you’ll also take care of their meal on such an important day to so many people.
What form your Christmas menu print takes is entirely up to you as luckily we are a printer that can provide all sorts of print options. The basic holiday menu people have printed is normally an A5 flyer on decent paper stock and a nice festive design. This simple little piece of print can be placed inside your regular menu, handed to customers as they leave, or with a few alterations serve as flyers to advertise your Christmas menu to potential new customers.
If you have a lot of information for your Christmas menus, or your just want something a little different, then we can of course provide other print options. A basic half fold menu is something we produce very regularly but we also offer other fold opens, gate folds, c-folds, z-folds, and even cross folds are something we can offer. Aside from the folding options there’s also lamination to consider, while we do offer un-laminated menus we find that lamination makes the print feel more premium and practically they last longer.
If you have a design ready to print we’re more than happy to do that for you but an alternative is to take advantage of our resident design team. We have decades of experience crafting designs that can perfectly take advantage of your logos while retaining a festive theme perfect for the season. No matter how much information you need laying out we’ll be able to make fit perfectly, all we ask is for you to type out out plainly and send it to us. We don’t need any fancy formatting, just pop it in an email and we’ll take care of the rest.
If you would like to find out more about our Christmas menu printing please contact us today using any of the details on this page.

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