If there is one piece of print you need for the new year it has to be a custom printed calendar. The new year may have already started but it’s still not too late to place an order and get yours. While we normally provide the usual January to December calendar we can shift the months, this way if you placed your order but missed January we could instead start your calendar on February and end it the following January.
This economic option is available as we custom design and print every calendar we produce. That means the dates aren’t set it stone, we can provide you with on the printed months you need. One of the other great advantages of a custom printed calendar over a generic store bought one is that the days and holidays are also fully customisable. We could add week numbers or financial quarters to the calendars to help you track sales targets. We can mark fixed periods of closure, such as the winter holiday period, or set training days and company events that are set in stone. A bespoke calendar can be very useful if you take full advantage of the possibilities.
It’s not just the content that can be custom but also the style, layout, and images. The custom images might be one of the main reasons people decide to have a custom calendar printed in the first place. You can choose any images you like for the main monthly pictures so it gives you free range to display exactly what you want. This could be employees, products, or just nice shots of scenery. Obviously we can also include your logo and company details in any position you like.
If you would like to find out more about our custom calendar printing, or if you’re ready to place an order, please call us today on 0194 261 154.

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