Banners are a great piece of advertising, it’s why we print so many of them, but what to do when you’re in an area that has particularly strong winds? The answer is to let us print you one of our top quality mesh banners designed specifically to withstand windy conditions. The mesh material contains tiny holes allowing the wind to pass harmlessly through the banner without putting too much strain on the items using to support it. So you get a beautiful look banner out in the open with the risk of it tearing off and blowing away.
You might be worried that the small holes impact the design but they’re barely noticeable and the material is an industry standard that’s be used for a great many years. Naturally you’d want to avoid particularly small text so it doesn’t get lost in the gaps but any text small enough to be lost wouldn’t be of much use on a banner anyway. With print that large seen from great distances all the relevant information needs to be large enough to read at a distance.
If you have print ready files that meet our artwork guidelines then we’ll be more than happy to print those right away for you. On the other hand you can always take advantage of our highly talented design team, they have years of combined experience creating beautiful artwork for all kinds of clients. Plus our designers have close knowledge of the print process, this means our designers don’t just create good looking artwork but they inherently know how to optimise their designs for the print process. It’s a delicate art that can only be learned with years of hands on, practical experience.
To find out more about our mesh banner printing, or to place an order, call us today on 01924 261 154.

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