When you need a print that will stand up to the test of time and withstand all weather you can’t do any better than dibond printing. This is a slick and professional signage medium that we’re delighted to provide. The Dibond we use is a 3mm thick composite material that has a polyethylene core (plastic) that’s sandwiched between a think layer of aluminium on each side. This makes for a lightweight sign that remains strong, that’s why it’s the standard material for the signage industry.

The main use for printed dibond is obviously store signage, both external and internal. It’s the perfect way to display you’re brand or any vital information to your customers or employees. This is a very robust option as even the hardest of paper stocks will degrade over time. They are particularly useful for direction signs in any business or site that’s confusing to get around. They’re also good as safety or warning signs. The last thing you want is safety information fading due to use or weather, so a dibond printed sign is the most practical option.

Another fun use of dibond printing is artwork, a lot of people use laminated posters or banners when they need posters that are hardwearing or that need to be up for an extended period of time. Dibond is a wonderful alternative, they have a great print finish with all the benefits of a metal sign.

As for the options you have with dibond printing we can provide final products in a number of sizes to fit whatever use you may have in mind. Further more we can provide these printed dibond signs with rounded corners for that smooth finish or drilled holes to make the signs much easier to mount yourself.

To find out more about out dibond printing, or to place an order, call us today on 01924 261 154.

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