With our new laser cutter up and running we’re ready to bring the great laser cut invitation printing to you at our lowest ever price. Our investment in new and improved technology has now allowed us to make something that was very niche and little bit expensive into a more affordable reality. Invitations are one of the mains reasons we decided to alter our approach to laser cut printing, many customers told us that they loved the unique aspect the laser cut brought to their invitations. We wanted more than  anything to make these special invitations available to a larger range of customers and the main way to do that was with a fantastic price point.

Our laser invitations are fabulously creative allowing all kinds of unique and wonderful designs. From cutting out a beautiful tree with the leaf patterns or cutting out the names of the happy couple, the possibilities are almost endless. If you have an very specific idea about what you want then we’d love to make that into a reality. Alternatively if you just like the idea of laser cut wedding invitations but are stuck for ideas we’d love to work with you and come up with something you’re excited about.

With laser cutting there are some papers we can’t use, either for safety reasons or because they don’t cut very well, but even so we have a large selection of paper types to choose from. These can very exotic or more reserved and refined depending on your taste. A popular method to get around some of these limitations is to have a laser cut outer section of the card that unfolds to reveal a printed invitation within. This inner section has no restrictions so it’s a good combination to consider.

To find out more about our laser cut wedding invitations, or if you’d like to place an order, call us today on 01924 261 154.

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