Printed roller banners are very useful marketing tools but they can be very wasteful, that’s why we offer a more environmentally friendly totem eco banner alternative. These collapsable cardboard alternatives to the roller banner look very striking when stood tall and are perfect for any situation where you would normally use a roller banner. They fold away so you can take them to events, one day anyway, but they’re also very light and let lets you move them around with great ease. This opens up a whole world of uses that for heavier signage just isn’t practical.

The benefits of one of these totem banners in the current climate is quite big, they are tall enough to effectively create a block in a corridor or a waiting point. As such they are a great tool to help queues and mange the flow of people through a building. What’s more they can do that while reminding people about the fundamental safety measures we should all be undertaking. If a building is at max capacity, or if a restaurant has finished taking new customers but has some guests finishing meals, it’s a great way to temporarily block a doorway so that people know exactly what the situation is.

No matter the intended use we have a team of talented designers that can produce what you need. Just tell them what you want and any ideas you may have had for the design, they can even incorporate your logo and branding into the design so that the eco totem banner remains in keeping with the rest or you company. Alternatively if you already have artwork then we can print that for you.

To find out more about our eco totem banner printing, or if you’d like to place an order, call us today on 01924 261 154.

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