With the changeable nature of Covid restrictions we never know what we’ll need to do from one day to the next, that’s why you might want to consider an outdoor A-Frame coupled with our custom poster printing. A-Frames are a classic part of a store’s point of sale, they are a great way of displaying posters outdoors in all weather and while there is an upfront cost involved the price to change the posters inside the frame is very affordable. It’s investing in a way to rapidly share new information with customers and over the long run can be worth the purchase.

With Covid restrictions constantly in a state of flux this flexibility and adaptability can be a very useful tool, all it takes is a replacement poster to update your customers. If opening times need to change then an A-Frame with a poster showing your times is a perfect way to do that. It’s also a good way to let customers know about preventative measures you’re taking but also the ones you expect them to take, like wearing a mask. The services you provide may need to be changed or altered, either due to lockdown restrictions or simply due to supply chain issues, so this is a very effective method of keeping your customers informed.

We print all the artwork on weatherproof PVC, we can supply them when you purchase the A-Frame and can supply additional posters if and when you need them. We also offer a full design service, we can create all sorts of designs to help you get the best out of your printing. We even keep those designs on file so, for example, if you have a poster that showed opening times and those times had to change then ordering a new poster would be as simple as giving us a call and telling us the new times.

To find out more about our A-Frames and custom poster prints, or if you’d like to place an order, call us today on 01924 261 154.

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